It's All Political

A poem written by Jonas Brinkley

Ms. America…
You have no shame
You are a proud whore.
Some deem you beautiful
Only a coward would think such
You have caused a lot of pain!

Ms. America….
You preyed on the weak 
You are guilty of,
Manslaughter, sexual immorality,

Idolatry, drunkenness, stealing,
Lying, greed, violence, improper speech,
Misuse of blood, diseases,
Political controversies, wars,
You are a hypocrite!

Ms. America…
You have misguided nations
You have shaped the minds
Of America to believe a falsehood
North, south, east or west,
Society is clueless!

Ms. America…
Gentility is vague
You know the people
Mental and physical
Are enslaved
They beg for the grave!

Ms. America…
You have charmed us into
Captivity for centuries
When will we be free?
How long will you make us?
Feast from your lust?

Ms. America…
Why do I owe you?
You take taxpayers money
To build more prisons
With very little educational programs
To reduce the recidivism rate
Instead, you give lengthy sentences
To kids and adults!

Ms. America…
You are heartless
I know it’s all political!

© J. Brinkley